We are here for you, your family, and your dog!


Puppy Program

Raising a puppy should be fun, but we know that it isn't always peachy! Their needle-like teeth nipping at your hands and pant legs are sharp enough to drive anyone insane! Our Puppy Program covers the basics: nipping, chewing, barking, crate training, housebreaking, jumping, and socialization, just to name a few. Our program will jump start your training and get you on the right path towards success! Puppy age range: 8 weeks to 5 months. After 5 months old, they can begin our Formal Obedience Program.


Adirondack Dog

We love adventures and we especially love sharing them with our dogs! The Adirondack Dog program is where your furry, future, hiking buddy lives with us for one month and develops the necessary skills to become a great Adirondack Dog! They go through our Obedience Program first and then learn the skills they may encounter on your adventures. Example: camping in tents, taking a ride on a paddle board or canoe, running on trails, sitting near a bonfire, etc. This program is customizable to your outdoor adventure lifestyle! The Adirondack Dog Program runs from May-September. Dogs must be 5 months or older to attend!


Formal Obedience

Our Obedience Program covers everything your pet will need to be a great family dog. They will learn to walk gently on a leash, come when they are called, sit, lay down, and place. We also work on: no jumping, no barking, and other unwanted behaviors! Your dog will also be capable of being off leash and under control! It truly transforms the way you and your dog will live! Let us help you develop the dog you always wanted. We pride ourselves on high customer satisfaction, which means, we aren't happy unless you and your dog are happy! At the end of the day, all we want is to see is more wagging tails! Dogs must be 5 months or older to attend!


Gun Dog Training

Our passion has always been in the field working with dogs and their natural instincts! We develop and train dogs for Upland and Waterfowl hunting. The dogs who enter our program will learn the skills they will need come hunting season. The program includes obedience, collar conditioning, steady to shot, force fetch, introduction to birds, gunfire, decoys, boats, blinds, and much more! Dogs must be 5 months or older to attend! The program is 4 months long and needs to be flexible because each dog progresses at different rates. We encourage the owners to come and train with us regularly so they can develop the skills it takes to work with their new hunting companion!

Graduate Tales... or Tails

Cadey the Chesapeake Bay Retriever graduated from our Gun Dog Program and is now a stellar flushing dog in the upland field!

Bella and Gabby, the Labradoodle sisters had some naughty behaviors before joining the Academy! They HAD to learn how to be good because their human Mom is expecting a new baby! No more jumping, barking, or pulling on the leash for these two!

Little Lucy, the rescue and mascot for Pure Adirondacks joined our Adirondack Dog program! She now loves to go on hikes all over the Adirondack park with her owners (off leash)! She is also excited for summer so she can paddle board on Mirror Lake in Lake Placid!