Mary P,


Bob is outstanding. Our 2 dogs went from growling when they saw each other to sleeping near each other in the same bed, lounging on the same couch, playing ball and running through the backyard together. Not 100% done with our sessions with Bob, but Jax and Tater Tot have become a part of our pack and live together happily! I highly recommend Obedience Academy and will certainly work with Bob again in the future!!

Courtney B,


There aren't enough words to explain how great Bob is at being a dog trainer! We rescued our pup, Gus (bloodhound/black and tan coonhound mix) about 2 months ago. While a great dog, he is super stubborn. We chose the in-home sessions with Bob. Honestly, he taught us how to be good dog owners and trained our pup! He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to create analogies to help us understand our dog better and how to help him. Even when we weren't successful at the beginning, he was always positive with us, talked us through scenarios, and gave constructive feedback to help us improve. We started with a dog who dragged us on the leash, barked and whined at any passing people or animals, and jumped on people and furniture! By the time we ended our sessions with Bob, we were left with a well-mannered pup who walked by our side on a leash, was a gentlemen when guests come over, and could even be off leash and respond to commands to come. We are so happy with our decision to go with Obedience Academy! If you're looking for an excellent trainer, look no further! 

Jon B,


Bob is a rockstar. The man took our stubborn but lovable Black and Tan Coonhound Bloodhound mix named Gus and helped us turn him into a dog who understands commands, is well behaved and can even now walk with us off leash. Gus went from dragging us down the road on every walk to walking by our side. Bob really helped us to become the best dog owners we could be. Gus loved Bob too, and I would absolutely say that if you have a dog that is in need of some training look no further than Bob and the Obedience Academy.



I did not enjoy walking Milo for the last two years.  He would be constantly pulling at the leash, barking at other dogs, (and even passing walkers) veering in the direction of joggers, or bicyclists, etc.  To avoid these uncomfortable and uneasy situations, I began walking Milo very early in the morning or late at night.

This past summer I decided I had to do something to correct this situation.  I began doing some research on dog trainers when a friend recommended a man named Bob Owens. I went to Bob's website and read a little about his work. As a result, I contacted Bob and explained some of the issues Milo and I were having.

He was eager and anxious to help and met with us a few days later.

When Bob came the first day, I was thrilled to see him; Milo, on the other hand, was not.

He barked incessantly as Bob said,"Let's take a walk."  While working and walking with him, Bob demonstrated various strategies, techniques, and approaches to help Milo with his issues. We practiced and practiced. These approaches became easy for me to implement and maintain on a daily basis. Bob's hard work, determination, attention to detail, and constant encouragement made the entire process an enjoyable experience for Milo and me!!  Milo was even eating out of Bob's hand.  (treats)

 After working with Bob Owens, Milo's annoying behaviors are steadily disappearing.  I feel we are on the "path" to success.  I now feel comfortable and enjoy walking Milo at any time of day!!   Thank you, Bob!