About Us

A Few Words About Us

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Growing up, I was the boy who needed a dog. My dreams were filled with fur! I even have childhood artwork that can prove my fondness for our four-legged companions. I refused to read books for school unless they were books about dogs! At a very young age, I memorized the Encyclopedia of Dogs and can remember reciting the different breeds from A to Z. I could tell you the breed, their origin, and what the dog was bred for. Finally, at 8 years old, my parents broke down and adopted a 7-month-old Chocolate Lab we named Nelson. He was my world! He was terribly trained, stole winter hats off our heads, and only came to us when we yelled, do you want to go for a ride?! He was the worst and best dog ever! Nelson started my journey and took my love for dogs to the next level.

As I grew up, I traveled much of the United States training and mentoring under some of the best dog trainers the country. I pride myself on reading the dog's behavior, earning the dog's respect, and teaching the dog in a way in which they understand. I value communication, education, and patience with the owners. I am fortunate to have learned how to work with dogs but understand not everyone has the ability to communicate with them like I can. The education I provide my clients is a piece of my business I hold in high regard.

Everyone brings a dog into their life to add value and a quality of life only a dog can provide. Unfortunately, not all dogs and owners are equipped with the skills to build that relationship. I believe that I can help, one dog and one family at a time!

Bob Owens

Owner and Head Trainer

What We Offer


We offer a full-service dog training experience. We assess your needs and work hard to create the dog you always wanted!


No one said training a dog was easy! It takes a lot of time, patience, and skill to build a well-rounded companion! We like to say, we train dogs, we educate their owners!


We teach trust, respect, and leadership. The three pillars to a great relationship with your dog!