Formal Obedience Programs

Our Obedience Programs cover everything your pet will need to be a great family dog! They will learn to walk gently on a leash at heel, come when they are called, sit and stay, lay down, and place. We also work on: no jumping, no barking, and other unwanted behaviors! On graduation day, your dog will be capable of being off leash and under control! Our programs truly transform the way you and your dog will live!

We have two different programs, which can be customizable to your specific needs.

Our preferred method of training is our Board and Train program, which is a combination of Doggie Daycare and Bootcamp! Your dog will have a ton of fun socializing and playing with the pack during their two-week stay. Our controlled and structured environment helps trainees build confidence and composure! Each dog is trained multiple times a day, travels to new and exciting locations, and will develop the necessary skills to integrate back into your home at the end of their stay. After the two weeks, we complete three follow-up sessions which help you and your dog work together, communicate better, and transfer their new found knowledge to you. At the end of the three at home, follow up sessions, you will be well equipped to grow and progress with your dog!

Our second option, which is more customizable, is our at home visit program. This program accomplishes the basic obedience needs, as well as certain behavioral problems your dog may have. Not every dog fits our two-week program, so this gives us more freedom to help you and your dog.

As always, if you have specific questions about our programs or how your needs will be met, please call us so we can learn more about you and your dog! We pride ourselves on high customer satisfaction, which means, we aren't happy unless you and your dog are happy! At the end of the day, we want to see more wagging tails! Dogs must be 5 months or older to attend!