Josh G,


Bob is as good as it gets as far as I'm concerned. My wife and I rescued a one-year-old Shitzu Terrier mix about 6 months ago. His name is Spencer. Coming from a shelter and not knowing what he has been through, we decided some training would do him some good. Turns out it wasn't only him that needed the training. Spencer is the first dog my wife and I have owned together. We thought we had some idea of how to best raise him given that our parents have always had dogs, boy were we wrong. Thankfully we had Bob there to guide us. Through his lessons, we have become better dog owners than I could've ever thought.

Spencer is growing into a model citizen. There are still some days that we struggle, but we have come so far. That wouldn't have been possible without Bob. Thank you, sir. You have given us the tools to provide a lifetime of happiness for this little guy. We are eternally grateful.

Bryce C, http://www.easternviewoutfitters.com/


Bob is one of the most knowledgeable dog trainers I know. Great guy and high standards! You will be more than satisfied with his programs!


Courtney Z,


My husband and I didn't know much about our dog when we adopted him. A few weeks after we brought him home, it was evident that he needed some training. He was SUCH a wild man when we first started with Bob at Obedience Academy - jumping (on people and our windows when the doorbell rang), pulling on his leash, not coming to us when called, resisting getting into his crate... the list goes on. It's hard to believe how much progress our dog made in such a short amount of time. He still gets excited, but now he can say hi to others without jumping. He comes running when his name is called, walks into his crate without us saying a word, and can walk past other dogs and squirrels without ripping our arms off. We can tell that our goofy, stubborn dog appreciates everything that Bob has taught us!

Erin F,


My husband, Max and I were invited to a friend's party at their lake house at the end of the summer. Although we knew Max would have had a blast with the other dogs, we were worried about him not listening and it turning into a disaster, so we left Max at home. Two of our friends told us about The Obedience Academy at the party, which I took as a sign! At the time, Max was a loving 10 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever who started testing our limits. Not only did this worry us in social situations, but we are expecting our first baby in February, so knew we needed to make a change. Max was jumping on visitors, not always obeying our commands, humping his bed and other dogs, not coming when called and pulling (yanking) on the leash. Although it was tough emotionally to be without Max for two weeks of training, it was well worth it. Bob definitely made the time away easier with Snapchat videos of Max and responding to my regular text message check-ins haha. Max came back to us as the same loving, goofy puppy, but with a new found obedience. Not only is he more obedient, but he enjoys being obedient! He literally smiled during our initial training session with Bob. It was so obvious how much Max adored Bob and loved their sessions. Max no longer jumps on our company when they walk in the door, he comes when called, stopped humping, no longer pulls on the leash and has a new respect for my husband and I. Our bond with Max has become so much stronger and we owe it to Bob! We are so so so happy and can't recommend Bob enough